A small group of daredevils one day found themselves around a table to fantasize together about how nice it would be to convey their passion for vintage vehicles and create an event that could include the principles of innovation and evocation. The 500 Miglia Touring came to life, with the aim of being a different event from all the others known and presented until then. Thus was born in 1999 the first edition.
From the first year of its creation, the 500 Miglia Touring with its vehicles has brought with it an evocative feeling capable of bringing back to a past that no longer exists, remembering it with nostalgia; above all it is recognized for innovation, as it follows old circuits and forgotten roads, allowing you to rediscover the pleasure of driving and be able to discover and enjoy always suggestive routes. From cities to lakes, across mountains and along the villages of this Italy you can admire natural, artistic and architectural beauties that seem to never end. On board these cars everything tastes different!
The 500 Miglia Touring wants the best for its participants, and has always been committed to looking for quality in hotels and restaurants where parking is provided. All this is part of the spirit for which this event was born: for the joy of those who participate and the opportunity to see and tell the territory that surrounds us, with the desire to relive it less distractedly than what our daily life offers. We pass through hidden places and centers historians usually banned from traffic, through two wings of the crowd.
Year after year, the organizers are committed to making the event unforgettable, setting themselves the goal of consolidating over time. With great pride and humility today we can say that the 500 Miglia Touring has taken root in the hearts of the many fans of vintage vehicles.
For some editions, the 500 Miglia Touring has accepted recently registered cars from some prestigious brands (Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, etc.).
The cars (accepted only at the discretion of the organization) participate in the queue of the event after the historic cars. It is customary for the 500 Miglia Touring to start with the veteran car up to the most recent. The whole event (route, gadgets and hospitality), is the same for each type of vehicle registered, and included in the registration fee.

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